office hours:
In order to maintain flexible scheduling for current patients, we do not post regular office hours.
If you would like to tour the facility or speak with someone in person, please call ahead to ensure we are there to receive you.

About Us

The Summerall Acupuncture Center is an integrative provider of Oriental Medicine, offering unparalleled quality & service. The center focuses on complimentary healthcare and preventative medicine for the entire family. These services are provided in the cleanest, safest and most professional atmosphere. Our philosophy recognizes and respects the unique nature of each individual and realizes the need for distinctive plans of health and wellness. Therefore, it is our goal to offer a variety of healing modalities to provide the most optimal results.

We also understand that with the physical symptoms of most illnesses come confusion, isolation, and fear about diagnosis and treatment. It is our hope to provide clarity and consideration, thereby eliminating the apprehension. Furthermore, it is our wish to educate both our clients -and the community at large- of the benefits of preventative medicine; the importance of integrative healthcare; and to that end, a path to wellness.